New Maxi Color - Long Lasting 6ml

Maxi Color - Long Lasting 6ml

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  • Collection of long-term durability varnishes! Wonderful manicure for lovers resistant nail - active girls, business woman. Long Lasting Nail perfectly lays down to the nail plate, not emphasizing its flaws, and does not slow down wrist movement.

    Special patented formula component «GLOSSMAK» betrays varnish gloss coating, due to which the lacquer color becomes more saturated.

    The one-two layers of turns dense color and a glossy shine. Complete drying time of 7 minutes.

    Luck kept 5 days and then begins to wear on the tips.

    It removed easily without staining the nails and the skin around them.

    Recommend using three simple steps: Base + varnish + hardener in each step giving dry.

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