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EVELINE Magical Gel - 2 Step System Long-lasting Professional Manicure

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  • Natural Light Magical Gel Technology innovative formula hardens the gel under natural light. Two-step product ensures gel manicure effect.

    Gives the nails high gloss, leaves nail surface ideally smooth, extremely resistant to abrasion and chipping.


    STEP 1.

    Apply one or two coats of COLOR MAGICAL GEL onto cleansed, degreased, dry nails (gently shake the bottle before use). Do not hurry with application of another coats, let the first one dry well.

    STEP 2.

    Apply and precisely spread a thin coat of TOP COAT MAGICAL GEL onto completely dry COLOR MAGICAL GEL. After 5 minutes manicure will be dry. Wait 10 more minutes to have the gel fully hardened. Remove the gel manicure with acetone free NAIL THERAPY nail polish remover.

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