New Maxi Color, Nail Polish, Gel Effect New Palette Top Coat

Maxi Color, Nail Polish, Gel Effect New Palette Top Coat


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  • Persistent, delicious manicure in just a few minutes without visiting a beauty salon - this is possible with nail polish fixer Gel Effect New Palette from the Ukrainian brand Maxi Color. It will make your pens well-groomed and neat. 

    The product creates a gel coating effect on decorative varnish, giving it an amazing voluminous glossy shine and radiance. The main advantage of this coating is that it does not require drying in a special ultraviolet lamp. The fixer has a high degree of protection against color loss, preventing the varnish from cracking and delaminating. The cosmetic product also has an easy effect of strengthening the nail plates, reducing their fragility. Thanks to this tool, you will always feel confident and comfortable.  

    Mode of application: apply on nails over dried decorative varnish in one coat.

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