New Maxi Color, Nail Polish, Gel Effect New Palette Base

Maxi Color, Nail Polish, Gel Effect New Palette Base


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  • The base under the Gel Effect New Palette varnish from the Ukrainian brand Maxi Color will provide lasting manicure and rich color for a long time. Thanks to him, your pens will always look neat and well-groomed, and you can no longer worry about the daily and time-consuming repainting of nails. 

    The tool protects the nail plates from the harmful effects of coloring pigments in decorative varnishes, as well as other harmful chemical components, keeping the appearance of nails healthy and shiny. Subject to maximum drying, the base guarantees ultra-strong resistance to the top layer of the coating and the intensity of the shade. Such an indispensable beauty tool will be an excellent assistant for those women who prefer homemade manicure and ordinary varnishes. 

    Mode of application:Before applying the main layer of varnish to the nails, it is necessary to apply a base on the nail plate. This will help to avoid direct contact of nails with coloring pigments and other chemicals that make up the varnish. Then apply 1-2 layers of varnish of the desired shade.

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