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Maxi Color, Nail Polish, Gel Effect New Palette


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  • Every girl wants to be able to boast of a beautiful and neat manicure. Alas, not everyone can afford to regularly spend a couple of hours in the master’s salon. That is why the Ukrainian brand Maxi Color has created a whole collection of varnishes that will certainly please with bright and rich colors. 

    The main feature of Gel Effect New Palette is its glossy consistency, which creates the effect of a gel coating. The varnish palette is distinguished by deep and colorful colors, and a unique formula ensures the durability of the cosmetic product. Now you can independently decorate your nails without resorting to the help of professionals, each time choosing the right shade for a particular image. 

    Mode of application:Before applying the main layer of varnish to the nails, it is necessary to apply a base on the nail plate. This will help to avoid direct contact of nails with coloring pigments and other chemicals that make up the varnish. Then apply 1-2 layers of varnish of the desired shade.

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