New Revers, Mineral Illuminating Make-up Base

Revers, Mineral Illuminating Make-up Base


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    Illuminating make-up base with pearlescent pigments reflecting the light. The base optically improves the appearance and colour of the complexion, gently illuminates it and gives it a girly glow. Lightweight, moisturizing formula ensures skin smoothness, hides imperfections and fine wrinkles. The cosmetic facilitates make-up and significantly prolongs its durability, guaranteeing the immaculate and natural effect of relaxed and well-groomed skin.

    How to use:
    Apply a thin layer of the cosmetic to the cleansed skin on the face or on the parts that you want to emphasize with a soft glow. After applying the base, wait 30 seconds to let it absorb well. After this time you can use foundation or other cosmetics. To achieve even better results, we recommend using silicone foundation and compact powder of MINERAL PERFECT series. The base can also be used on its own as a daily cosmetic.

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