New Reduced price! Aloe Epil, Wax Patches For Body Depilation, 16 Pcs

Aloe Epil, Wax Patches For Body Depilation, 16 Pcs


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  • Usage:the skin should be clean and dry, without cream or oil on the surface. Warm the wax patch in your hands for a moment until it becomes soft. Then separate it into two parts. Each of them is a full-fledged patch to use. Press firmly in the direction of hair growth to the place you want to depilate. With one quick move, tear off the patch, be sure against the direction of wax growth! It is not recommended to repeat this activity immediately on the same body part, as it may cause irritation. In the event of irritation, the same surface should be re-epilated no earlier than 48 hours. The patches are reusable. To calm the skin, after the procedure, briefly press the depilated area with your hand or apply a cold compress.