New Reduced price! KODI PIGMENT FOR LIPS L06 (DARK-RED) 10 ML


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  • Pigment for lips L06 (dark red) 10 ml

    Thanks to its unique formula, pigments for lips KODI PROFESSIONAL of the last generation have excellent structure and quality - they are perfectly stored and consumed sparingly. Pigments for lips are safe to use, well-implanted, and are not involved in metabolic processes. Hypoallergenic and no toxic effects are confirmed in clinical testing for compatibility with the skin.

    Innovative technology involves the use of high-quality inorganic dyes, glycerin base and homogenization that gives pigments of the following qualities:

         *Stable and long-term fixation of the color;

         *The predictable result;

         *Uniform distribution;

         *Resistance to fading and external factors;

         *No effect on metabolic processes.

    Pigment tone: dark red. To enhance the pink shades with L13 gives the dark color.

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