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  • Brush for the highlighter 58

    KoDI PROFESSIONAL professional brushes collection allows you to perform make-up of any complexity at the highest level. The range offers the optimal choice of brushes for all needs, including contouring and correction of facial features. Brushes are durable and with proper care serve a long period of time without deformation and loss of their covering properties.

    Brush number 58 is designed to apply a highlighter. It has a long comfortable handle, a flat beam base and a rounded shape. The pile of the brush is an ondatra. This configuration of the brush makes it easy to evenly apply the highlighter, accurately arrange light accents, giving the skin freshness and healthy radiance. The ondatron pile has a dense and elastic structure, which has a mild effect on the skin.


    Brush size: 205mm;

    Height: 14 mm;

    Brush width (pile): 16 mm;

    Brush thickness: 5 mm.

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