New Reduced price! KODI BRUSH FOR BLUSH - 12 (BRISTLE: GOAT)


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  • Brush for blush 12 (pile: goat)

    The look of the face after the make-up depends to a large extent on the accessories that the make-up artist uses for various decorative products. KODI PROFESSIONAL Make-up offers a wide range of high-quality brushes for various uses with natural and artificial pile. Professional brushes are distinguished by careful effects on the skin, guarantee easy application and distribution of cosmetic textures.

    Brush number 12 has a flat beam base, dense padding and is made of elastic goat lint white. The brush is designed to apply dry textures, will be a good choice for applying blush, powder, highlighter. Thanks to the porous, elastic, but soft structure of the vors, the blush is perfectly placed and smudged on the surface of the skin. The brush is suitable for black-and-white correction.


    Brush size: 175 mm;

    Height: 23 mm;

    Brush width: 42 mm;

    Brush thickness: 14 mm.

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