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  • Rubber Top, 15ml

    Kodi Professional is ready to present an updated line of the brand bestsellers, including the legendary Rubber Top Gel - consistent high quality in an improved 15 ml bottle.

    Rubber Top Gel is an elastic top coat for gel polish that is used at the final stage of the procedure, performing several tasks:

       *protects the decorative gel polish coating from external factors;

       *provides flawless durability and elasticity, preventing chipping and peeling;

       *performs an aesthetic function, giving the nails a complete and well-groomed look.

    The consistency with optimal thickness and viscosity makes it easy to apply and distribute the product in an even and thin layer without spreading. Rubber Top Gel has a dispersion layer.

    Application recommendation: Apply in a thin layer.

    Polymerization time: UV lamp 36W - 2 minutes; LED - 60 seconds.

    Is easy to remove by softening with Tips Off (gel polish and acrylic remover). It is recommended to file the Rubber Top Gel layer before removing the coating.

    Release form: 15 ml red mat glass bottle. Cap with brush.

    Made in USA

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