New NYD Professional, UV/LED Optical Top 10ml.

NYD Professional, UV/LED Optical Top 10ml.


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  • ach beauty wants to go as long as possible with a color coating and an original design. Despite the fact that gel polish guarantees a sufficiently stable pigmented layer, it needs additional fixing. The NYD Professional brand has launched Optical Top, which provides additional protection against cracking, chips and possible mechanical damage. The top nail coating is evenly distributed with a special brush and leaves a glossy layer with perfect glare. The product is ?baked? in a UV lamp for a good fixation. Such an assistant is suitable for use both for professional purposes and at home. At the end of the procedure, experts recommend removing the sticky layer. Method of application: apply on clean nails with one layer as a base, then apply a thin layer of gel polish on top and dry in a UV lamp for 2 minutes ..

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